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Apni Talash (Urdu Book) by Qasim Ali ShahIn this book ,Q .A.S talking about on the topic “Apni Talash”. He is also sharing his experience, wisdom and knowledge that will be helpful for all of those who want to know about Self Discovery. Qasim Ali Shah is a motivational speaker and a popular teacher in Pakistan.

As we Know Book Plays an important role in character making of any person in any field at any age. This Book is also one of them which provide metally health, strong information and many more thing for its reader. It has worth of investing in terms of money and time.
When a person goes out to discover yourself, if he is not serious about his question. He never reaches his destination. In this world no one recognized immediately, even though he is very rich and powerful. He needs a series of time and a story of hard-working then he knows his personality. A very interesting example of a person who was born in Karachi, went to Europe for business education, but he got a law degree and became a national hero: founder of Pakistan. People know that personality name Quaid-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. As like there are many examples in this world who discover yourself.

For this God requires hard work and wanting to recognize yourself. To know who I am and who I am? The answer to this question warrants a perceptive process, to bow in front of Allah and sometimes you give a per zine of tears.When you see in yourself, discover a diamond, you feel you have good heart. Sometimes you find a lion in your heart when you consider, you are a brave man during this continuous search you reach a point where you achieved the real thing. If you speak in this questioning road a line comes into mind “Ki Jana M kon” (Apni Talash) Research say a person have minimum three and maximum five qualities due to this he became a successful man or fined only one in yourself, he lives a precious life. If you choose your subject and career according to capabilities:

You can make your career powerful. Creation, research and movement by Qasim Ali Shah, unfortunately when we’re getting education our focus is only on weakness and imperfections.In Pakistan mostly say if a student got high grade or good marks his\her career will be shine even student also working on it only. In Apni Talash Ap book Qasim Ali shah write if student improved his interpersonal skills or God gifted strength, he will become a shine star instead focused on getting high marks because your internal skills are grunted of that reality Allah make you for this specific work and you are different to 8 billion people in this world.

A china philosopher Confushas say Fined work which you love, you no need work on it

Qasim Ali shah write apni Talash book in childhood our parents, friends and family ask. That question from us ‘Tum Bardhe ho Kar Kia Bano Gye’? Fined answer to this question is a very difficult and most important process in our life. A harsh truth is that due to pressure we do not choose our profession according internal skills and interest level. For this reason, mostly our time spent in stress what we do and what do not? You should select career which is satisfied with your internal skills. Then you polished interpersonal abilities and also nearer to yourself. Internal satisfaction gives you real happiness.

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APNI TALASH by Qasim Ali Shah
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