LOKI (A Bad God’s Guide To Ruling The World) by Stowell Louie


Original Paperback Edition


The spotlight is on trickster god Loki, still stuck as a peevish eleven-year-old, as he grapples with whether he will play the part of the hero or the villain in the school play—and in his mortal life.

Norse god Loki’s been able to avoid eternity in a pit of angry snakes, but living on Earth as an eleven-year-old is still a drag. When Thor and Loki’s “parents” abandon them to go on holiday, Odin sends Balder—Thor’s half brother and god of making Loki look bad—to babysit. Then there’s the school play. Despite Loki’s acting genius (it’s lying, after all), Thor is cast as the wonderful prince, while Loki is the villain. What?! At least Loki’s found a cool ring to wear with his costume. One that looks suspiciously like the cursed ring of Andvari. It’s probably a coincidence that when Loki wears it, everyone gives him the same adoring look they give Balder. And that new voice telling Loki to give in to his deepest, darkest desires is just his conscience, right? Loki starts to wonder: What’s the point of being good if everyone’s already decided you’re bad? Drama and hilarity ensue in this third doodle-packed diary that will have readers giving Loki a standing ovation.


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LOKI (A Bad God’s Guide To Ruling The World) by Stowell Louie
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