SAKI: Selected Stories (Everyman’s Library Edition) by Saki


Original Hardcover Edition


A beautifully jacketed hardcover selection of 53 darkly witty, whimsical, and macabre short stories by an acknowledged master of the form.

Saki’s dazzling tales manage the remarkable feat of being anarchic and urbane at the same time. Studded with Wildean epigrams and featuring well-contrived plots and surprise endings, his stories gleefully skewer the pompous hypocrisies of upper class Edwardian society. But they go beyond mere satire, raising dark humor to extremes of entertaining outrageousness that have rarely since been matched. Saki’s elegantly mischievous young heroes sow chaos in their wake without breaking a sweat, and are occasionally joined by werewolves, tigers, eavesdropping house pets, and casually murderous children. This selection includes such famous stories as “Tobermory,” “The Open Window,” “Sredni Vashtar,” “Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger,” “The Schartz-Metterklume Method,” and many more.


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SAKI: Selected Stories (Everyman’s Library Edition) by Saki
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