A HAPPY DEATH (Penguin Modern Classics) by Albert Camus


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The first novel from the Nobel Prize-winning author lays the foundation for The Strangertelling the story of an Algerian clerk who kills a man in cold blood. 

In A Happy Death, written when Albert Camus was in his early twenties and retrieved from his private papers following his death in 1960, revealed himself to an extent that he never would in his later fiction. For if A Happy Death is the study of a rule-bound being shattering the fetters of his existence, it is also a remarkably candid portrait of its author as a young man.

As the novel follows the protagonist, Patrice Mersault, to his victim’s house — and then, fleeing, in a journey that takes him through stages of exile, hedonism, privation, and death -it gives us a glimpse into the imagination of one of the great writers of the twentieth century. For here is the young Camus himself, in love with the sea and sun, enraptured by women yet disdainful of romantic love, and already formulating the philosophy of action and moral responsibility that would make him central to the thought of our time.


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A HAPPY DEATH (Penguin Modern Classics) by Albert Camus
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